Helpful Links
Thanks for visiting my Helpful Links page. Since starting my business in 2001 I've been gathering this information and passing it along to my clients as needed. It seemed like a good idea to make it available 24-7 to clients and visitors alike.

If you have suggestions for new entries or you're looking for a resource not mentioned here, please contact me so I can do the research and share the results with you.

City Recycling Policies and Services for most cities within the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.
Electronics Recycling - Environmenatal Protection Agency website that lists manufacturers and retailers who are committed to reusing or recycling old electronics
Salvation Army's Donation Value Guide. This is where you'll find out what similar items sell for in a Salvation Army Store. The list includes clothing household items and furniture.
Get your name removed from tele-marketers' call lists, email lists, and mailing lists by following the instructions on the Direct Marketing Association's Consumer Information web page.
Document Destruction If you have a large quantity of paper containing private or sensitive data and need a safe and reliable method of destroying it, these companies will come to your door, and shred them onsite.
Debris Removal / Dumpster Rental Sometimes you just don't want to wait for the city to pick up your trash. If you're doing a big cleanup job in your home or garage or you have more trash than your receptacle can handle, check out these options.
Portable Storage Containers. If you don't want to hassle with getting your "stuff" to a bricks and mortar storage facility then consider the latest trend in storage.
Ebay Drop off Stores Not computer savvy? Don't have time for a garage sale? Then gather your possessions and let an auction store sell it for you. They'll take a cut of the profit, but it may be preferable to letting your treasures collect dust and take up valuable space.
Consignment. Here's a comprehensive list of stores in the Dallas area where you can bring your clothing or furniture for resale. Each one has its own standards and policies which you can read by visiting their websites.
Moving Supplies If you're preparing for a move and need to purchase boxes or supplies, visit one of these stores. If you mention Helping Hands at Boxes To Go, you'll get a 10% discount.
Appraisers This is the website of the International Society of Appraisers - ISA. Some conduct estate sales, others specialize in appraising furniture, antiques, artwork or household items.