Relocation Services

Preparing To Move

Moving may be one of the most stressful activities a person can undertake, and chances are you’ll do it a few times during your working life. There are so many details to keep track of, plans and schedules to maintain and the emotional ups and downs to deal with. And don’t forget the physical work of packing and unpacking, sometimes while still maintaining a normal work schedule.

That’s where Helping Hands Personal Services can be a life saver. We have worked with families moving across the country, and across town. Our clients include couples, families, and senior citizens, who may simply be downsizing or perhaps moving to a community that is specially suited to their changing needs.

Nancy can help you prepare for your move even before the packing begins by working by your side as you sort through closets, storage areas, garage and bedrooms and help you weed through all the things you don’t use, don’t like, no longer fit or are gathering dust. It doesn’t make sense to pack and then pay a mover to transport items you’ll never use.

Once we’ve sorted through your possessions getting rid of the excess Helping Hands can help determine the packing supplies you’ll need, tell you where to purchase them at the best price, and if you like, professionally pack your clothing, household items and breakables to avoid damage in transit.

Getting organized before the move will also greatly simplify the unpacking process, help you settle in more quickly, and reduce the stress that everyone is likely to feel.


If you’re relocating to Dallas from another city and you need help unpacking and setting up your new home, Nancy can quickly get to work emptying boxes, setting up your kitchen, master suite, office or other critical areas so you can begin functioning at a high level soon after you arrive.

I often get calls from people a year or more after a move. They tell me how they wish they had known about my services at the time so they could have avoided going through a reorganization process so soon afterwards. In the rush to get settled they neglected to think about how and where to store things and have paid the price by living in a chaotic and inefficient environment.

In addition to my other services, I have often met with the moving company representative either on the arrival or departure end of a move to supervise the process or stand in for the homeowner who can’t be there. I can also make arrangements for, or meet service providers at the home and fulfill other special requests.

Working With Senior Citizens

Senior citizens have unique needs when it comes to moving and downsizing. Not only do they need to have their belongings packed and unpacked, but as health and companionship issues begin to arise it’s often necessary to significantly downsize possessions.

The physical burdens of lifting, reaching and bending involved in packing are factors which effect the elderly, making the task more difficult. When moving to a smaller living space there’s the additional complication of determining what furniture to bring, where to put it, and dealing with the sale or donation of items that will be left behind.

Often, adult children live far away, have their own children at home, or are unable to take time off work to travel and help with a move of such complexity and magnitude. Nancy has worked with seniors and their adult children to ease the burdens of moving.

In addition to providing the standard moving services already mentioned, she can help with the downsizing, develop a floor plan for the new home, provide referrals to estate sale professionals, realtors who work specifically with senior citizens, and other service providers. She’s also there to provide a receptive ear when stories, memories and experiences are recalled during the process.

If you need help unpacking Helping Hands is there to arrange the new living space as closely as possible to the way it looked before. This helps smooth the transition, minimize the confusion and help you or your loved one begin to feel comfortable in the new surroundings.

When the unpacking is complete Nancy can make sure boxes and other packing materials are removed, helping assure that potentially dangerous obstacles are not a concern.