What our clients say

Over the years we have had the opportunity and pleasure to provide our services to many clients. The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.

"Nancy has helped me with three moves, organizing three homes, and home office. She is one in a million. She truly changed my life for the better! I found her on National Professional Organizers website and she is the best. I began using Nancy in 12/2005 and have remained a customer since.

Susan S. - Southlake, TX.

"This was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anybody! Nancy was a pleasure to work with, showed up on time, worked with my schedule, willing to work as long as needed to get the job done. She was extremely organized and brought all the needed supplies. Working with her we were able to accomplish an extraordinary amount of results in a surprisingly short amount of time.

As a reformed pack rat living in a small house and who inherited 2 houses worth of stuff, I had a lot to sort through. She was always kind and respectful of any attachments I might have had to items while still asking effective questions and helping me decide what to keep, to toss, and to donate. Even when cleaning my incredibly dirty garage on a hot day, she remained pleasant, cheerful and fun to work with.

Best money I've spent in a long time. I am thrilled with the results and will continue to hire Nancy for other projects as needed."

Patty L. - Dallas, TX.

"A week before I was due to have some time off from work I realized that I was mulling over all the things at home that needed sorting, purging, organizing, cleaning and simply dealing with in my few days off. Worse, I realized that every time I’ve had the opportunity for a few vacation days in the past few years I’ve spent them either taking a puny stab at it or worrying about NOT taking a stab at it. So I googled ‘professional organizer’ and found Nancy and Helping Hands.

She’s the best! I wasn’t very clear about my priorities which changed every day between the time I made the appointment and the day Nancy arrived. But I learned right away that this is a woman who listens and makes things happen and in only 4 ½ hours we’d accomplished more together than I’d managed in the last several years. And when she left I had “A Plan” and, more important, a feeling that things were no longer unmanageable.

If you’re unsure of what you need or concerned about the expense of working with a professional, I strongly encourage you to give Nancy a call for a consultation. I wasn’t able to spend a lot of money and was concerned beforehand that we wouldn’t be able to make much headway in only a few hours. You’ll be amazed at how she’s able to focus in on a plan and help you through the process. I learned a lot and hope to be able to work with Nancy again. And I actually was able to spend a few of those vacation days relaxing."

Jayn W. - Ft. Worth, TX.

“Nancy (Helping Hands) has an innate sense of organizational intelligence combined with a keen sense of design not often found in her industry. She was the perfect pro to help us organize and catalogue more than 150 cartons of books in a wide range of categories, from surgical snipping to creative writing, in a beautiful and methodical setting.

Our family now calls it the Dewey Decimal Library, and yes, they have to record any volume they take out. We have also used Nancy’s services in other areas of the home and office to great success. In this day and age, keeping our daily lives organized makes us more productive and relieves stress.

The best thing about Nancy is she can assess a hopeless clutter mess of significant magnitude and get you through it efficiently without the emotional attachment or frenzy that would have kept us from even tackling the job in the first place!”

Mary Candace Evans - Associate editor, D Home & Garden Magazine

"When I moved my office Nancy Peham, owner of Helping Hands Personal Services in Dallas helped me unpack. I couldn't believe how fast she worked. It took her two hours to unpack and organize what would have taken me all day."

Harrriet M. - Dallas, TX

OK I have had 2 rooms, you know the kind. Full of Junk. One was my old office/spare bedroom, the other was a new office/craft room for the computer stuff, sewing stuff, etc., and it was always half done. I had arts and crafts stuff spread from one end of the house to the other. I thought there was too much stuff to fit in that room.

Enter Nancy Peham. I felt like this was a luxury I couldn’t afford, but I’m so glad I got Nancy to come help me. There was plenty of room for all my stuff and now I can see all the supplies, so I won’t waste money buying more. It’s the best present I ever gave myself. She’s coming back to do the other two rooms as soon as I can get ready.

Susan H. - as seen on Angie’s List

"You are a doll!! I am so lucky to have you in my life to keep me sane!!"

Mia P. - Murphy, TX

I really appreciate your newsletter. Each month I find something of great use to me. The book suggestions and the direct mail info was so helpful and are two issues that have plagued me recently. Thanks!

Regina H

It looks great - and I loved the success story on last month's staging. Newsletter was upbeat - positive and easy to read - great job.!!!!

Alice W

Thanks again—you get the credit for selling the house in THREE days!

Lorri A. - Allen, TX

Thank you so much for helping us get some much needed organization into our office. I am still so excited about the progress that was made in establishing a filing system and cleaning up the work space. I was amazed at how much could be accomplished in just one day. Since your visit, we have been operating much more efficiently.

As taking over the bookkeeping responsibilities of my husband’s business was a new experience for me, I feel so much more confident knowing I have a system that I can work with. I hope to be able to engage your services again in the future for more advanced fine-tuning of our record keeping and reporting systems.

I feel confident that your knowledge and skills will continue to be of great benefit to our company.

Mrs. Kathy Jenkins, Office Manager - Jenkins Welding & Machinery

Nancy helped me tremendously last March when I was too sick to pack my elderly mother’s things in order to move her from one assisted living facility to another. Nancy bought the boxes, packed them carefully and in an organized way, marked them clearly; in short, she did as well as I would have or even better!

She had organized so well that unpacking on the other end the next day by my sister-in-law went without a hitch. And she did it quickly and for a very reasonable cost. We did not lose a thing during the move. I naturally called on Nancy again when I needed to select medical test records from among some ten years of tests in order to visit an out-of-state physician.

Again, Nancy’s intelligence, organization, and pleasant personality helped me in a timely manner. I heartily recommend Nancy Peham’s Helping Hands and plan to call on her again for help in organizing my filing system. Nancy is very responsible, trustworthy, and honest.

Judy G. - Plano, TX

OK, I am THRILLED about my pantry! Not only is it well organized, it's PRETTY! Thanks for helping me not only make it more practical, but also for using my own baskets, etc. to arrange it. I LOVE IT! The tips for the rest of the kitchen are also great!

Dallie C. - Richardson, TX

"The Heritage Senior Center members in Irving thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Peham's special presentation on Getting Yourself Organized. Ms. Peham presented well organized information that not only got you motivated to de-clutter, but also touched on why we lack organization and the consequences. She presented great information on how to tackle and organize large and small projects and simplify your life. Ms. Peham was a pleasure to work with and our members have asked to have Ms. Peham back."

Ann Gillespie - Irving, TX.

"Dear Nancy Peham,
Winter Fest was a very successful event for senior adults. Your participation and leadership helped make that success possible. Thank you for having been an important part of our first Winter Fest. The over all feedback is very positive and we look forward to Winter Fest 2009. Sincerely, Fred Trevino , Pastor for Senior Adult Ministry, FUMC Richardson"

Fred Trevino - Pastor for Senior Adult Ministry, FUMC Richardson