My Specialties are:

Residential Organizing

Residential Organizing

It’s been said that our home is a reflection of ourselves. If you’ve ever tried to change a habit you already..

Paper Management

Paper Management

Whether it’s the deluge of junk mail that arrives at your door every day or papers brought home from school, the..

Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Moving may be one of the most stressful activities a person can undertake, and chances are you’ll do it…

Call Nancy Peham, Certified Professional Organizer

Why Nancy?

  • Nancy is experienced
  • Non judgmental
  • Respectful of your time
  • Understands your needs are unique
  • Works Quickly
  • Abides by the NAPO code of ethics
Welcome To Helping Hands Personal Services

Nancy Peham, Certified Professional Organizer

and owner of Helping Hands Personal Services has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life who struggle with the consequences of disorganization. Her knowledge and experience, along with her love of order have made her an invaluable partner to her clients.

From the initial phone call to the completed project Nancy works to uncover each person’s unique needs and challenges, create a strategy for long term success, and bring a shared vision to reality. No matter how “bad” the situation may seem Nancy has the ability to simplify the process, make the changes achievable, and vastly improve the likelihood of ongoing success, even for the person who feels they’re “a hopeless case.”

With Helping Hands Personal Services

Organizing is easy

Contact Nancy

Schedule a Free Consultation

We’ll discuss your goals and make a plan

Set a date to start the project

Work together to create order, relieve stress, and improve your life!

Client Feedback

“We were so glad we decided to use Nancy’s services. She is excellent at organizing and is extremely efficient. I definitely will recommend her to anyone and everyone!” Oct 8, 2019

Lori N.

“This lady was incredible….. i enjoyed working with her so much i hated to have the work end( well almost) . I will be recommending her to everyone i know.” Jun 27, 2021

Karen F.

“This was not a job I was looking forward to but Nancy was so pleasant and had such great tips that it made the time go by so quickly. The best part was that we accomplished so much. She offers a very professional service. I have already re-booked to tackle another area. Sue” Apr 4, 2021

Susan S.

“Nancy is absolutely terrific! She has accomplished in a short time what I have agonized for years over. She is great at breaking down the tasks into manageable chunks. Her energy and great attitude have kept me on task and the progress that we have made is nothing short of incredible. I only regret that I did not hire her sooner.” Aug 16, 2016

Mary M.

“I just cannot say enough wonderful things about Nancy! Way surpassed my expectations and we accomplished so much today! Actually looking forward to working with her again tomorrow! Just 5 stars all the way!” Sep 11, 2020

Lauren L.

“Nancy is fantastic at what she does! She’s an extremely hard worker and can quickly transform a mess into a beautifully organized space. I would highly recommend her!” Mar 9, 2016

Jennifer C.

“Nancy worked a miracle from our chaos. She unpacked and organized our kitchen and bedroom closet. She worked hard and was on time, with focus and professionalism. Eased some stress for me. Thank you!” Oct 24, 2020

Rhonda M.

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"Creating Order, Relieving Stress, Improving Your Life"

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