Has it occurred to you that one of the first places you see every morning is your wardrobe closet? Does it brighten your day or put you in a less than cheerful mood? Your physical environment can influence your outlook, so if you want to start your day on a positive note, why not begin by organizing your clothes.

Together, we’ll work to eliminate clothing that no longer fits, is worn, outdated, needs mending, or no longer matches your style or taste. We’ll determine whether certain non-clothing items may be better suited to a different location in your home, and discuss whether you need additional shelving, hanging bars, drawers or other organizing aids.

Finally, we’ll arrange everything so you can find it when you need it. No more boxes, clutter and clothing will remain on the floor in wrinkled piles. You’ll have a place for everything, neatly arranged so getting ready in the morning will be a pleasure rather than a frantic hunt for a coordinated outfit.

Do the rest of the closets in your home need maintenance? Are you afraid of unleashing an avalanche if a door is opened too quickly? Perhaps you’ve never thought about why you put certain items together, or how often you use them.

As a professional organizer, I will help you sort, categorize, rearrange or move your closet contents to maximize space, increase usability and convenience, and create logic and order.