Senior Moves

Senior Moves

Senior citizens have unique needs when it comes to downsizing and moving. Not only do they need to have their belongings packed and unpacked, but as health and companionship issues arise, it’s often necessary to significantly downsize possessions. The physical burdens of lifting, reaching and bending involved in preparing to move make an already difficult task more challenging.

When moving to a smaller living space there’s the additional complication of determining what furniture and belongings to bring, and what to leave behind. And for everything that’s left, decisions must be made whether to donate, consign, give to family and friends, or have an estate sale.

Often, adult children live far away, have their own children at home, or are unable to take time off work to travel and help with a move of such complexity and magnitude. Nancy has worked with seniors and their adult children to ease the burdens of moving.

In addition to assisting with downsizing and packing, she will provide a receptive ear when stories, memories, and experiences are recalled during the process. When it comes to unpacking, Helping Hands is there to arrange the new living space as closely as possible to the way it looked before.

This helps smooth the transition, minimize confusion, and help you and your loved one begin to feel comfortable in the new surroundings. When the unpacking is complete Nancy can make sure boxes and other packing materials are removed, helping assure that potentially dangerous obstacles are not a concern.