From cupboards to drawers, countertops to pantry, the kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in your home. It is a gathering spot for the family, the place you prepare meals, and where you probably spend a major portion of your unscheduled time. Getting and keeping it organized is critical.

If your drawers contain a hodge-podge of loose or unrelated items, or your cooking utensils, electrical appliances, and cookware are stored far from where they’re used, you could be spending more time than necessary preparing meals and cleaning up afterward.

Arranging your kitchen to optimize space and increase the visibility of frequently used items is important to a smooth flow. Helping Hands Personal Services will guide and assist you through the process, suggesting products, helping you make decisions, and rearranging the contents of cupboards as necessary, to simplify and improve your life.

Imagine opening your cupboards and drawers, seeing the items you use regularly within easy reach and organized for quick identification. Picture the plastic storage containers, sport drink cups and plastic lids all neatly contained after the mismatched, unused and discolored pieces have been weeded out and discarded.

Smile at the extra space you’ve created by letting go of gadgets, fad items and rarely used appliances that filled the dark recesses of your cabinets.

Run your hands across the fresh, clean shelf liners. Watch your kids gain confidence and increase their independence as they get their own bowls, plates and utensils which you’ve repositioned for easy access.

Open your pantry and know immediately where to reach for baking supplies, side dishes, breakfast foods and snacks, plus everything else – from soup to nuts.